Most people don’t have a budget set aside to pay for window repair and replacements. Usually, when you need to fix a window, it’s an unexpected and unwelcome expense. Haida Glass offers window replacements throughout the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas, all at affordable rates that won’t break the bank. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, so you can trust our experienced professionals to get the job done correctly, on time, the first time.

Window Repair
There’s no shortage of ways in which windows can become cracked, damaged or “foggy”. In some cases, poor workmanship can lead to improper sealing around the glass, which allows heat to escape and cold air into your home.

Window Replacement
Sometimes, this is simply a result of house settling, age, or weather. To identify a failed seal unit, you only have to notice how difficult it is to clean! This is due to moisture that is trapped between the seals and once your units have failed, the only way to mitigate the problem is to replace them with new, double glazed sealed units. When it comes to window repair, it’s important to get a lasting solution rather than a quick fix. If you’re continually annoyed by drafty, moisture filled windows, call the pros at Haida Glass who will be happy to assist you with solutions for window repairs and to advise you on all the latest and greatest information on vinyl and aluminum windows for residential and commercial applications. Plus all of our work is covered under a comprehensive one-year warranty.


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